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Tradition & the Indivisible Talent
The Port-au-Prince Marriage Special
The Beating
Edge Boys
Two Poems
Natural Daughter
A Bit of Nocturnal History
Man in the Moon
The Raven
Animal Communication
Three Poems
The Problem of Impairment
Three Poems
Gumbo Limbo
Two Poems Inspired by the Dreams of Emily Dickinson
Self-Portrait with Sicily
Moonlight Dance
The Photographer Upstairs
Archimedes’ New Light
The Man Who Spoke With His Hands
From The Prague Sonatas
Because His Youth Or The Parrot’s Spanish
Eduardo Galeano
Translated by Mark Fried
From The Philosopher’s Apprentice
A Helpful Story, a Devious Storm, the Weird Directions, the Difficult Wait, the Risky Wait, the Happy Appointment, the Familiar Property, the Safety Sign, the Frightened Enemy
The Boat
The Rabbits
Sally Werner
From Fire Exit
The Historic Voyage of the Rosalind
The Translator
Nothing to Declare
Draft 82: Hinge
Angel of Death
Secrets and Lies
The Aquarium of the Dead: Chicago Stories
Red-Hot Ruby
Some Silly Thing
Elegy: Or to Begin Again