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Realm of Ends
From The Pesthouse
Heaven and Hell
How I Lost My Religion
Trial of the Satellite or How My Great-great-great-grandfather Almost Lost His Virginity on His Fifteenth Birthday
Two Stories
All the Modes of Travel
From Utopia, or, My Pleasure
Traffic and Weather
Two Poems
Crepuscule with Mickey
Four Poems
By the Waters of Babylon
From The Woman in White
Two Meditations
From Draining the Sea
An Affectionate Companion's Jottings
Tribute to H. D.
Isle of the Signatories
A New York Encounter
Two Stories
From The Ghost In Love
From The Skylark
Three Poems
Shelley in the Navy-Colored Chair
Three or Four Poems
Studio Visit
Playing Hurt
Story with Advice
Her Monkey
Four Poems
Four Poems
Two Ligatures
From The Perfume of Meat
From The Abolition Journal
The Vice Admiral’s Elements
Four Stories
From Scale
A Musical Regression in Five Acts