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Beyond Arcadia: Twelve Emerging Poets
(chosen by John Ashbery)
From Plummet
(chosen by Martine Bellen)
Six Poems
(chosen by Nathaniel Mackey)
Twenty-Five Poems
(chosen by Robert Creeley)
Twenty-Six Poems
(chosen by Forrest Gander)
Six Poems
(chosen by Peter Gizzi)
Seventeen Poems
(chosen by Jorie Graham)
Thirteen Poems
(chosen by Fanny Howe)
Severance Songs
(chosen by Michael Palmer)
Tenían Sed
(chosen by Sandra Cisneros)
Seven Poems
(chosen by Robert Kelly)
Seven Poems
(chosen by Ann Lauterbach)
Stone Animals
From How I Escaped My Certain Fate
New Hope for the Dead
The Gateway
Three Poems
Scenes Inside the Ruined Walls
She Forgot
Forbidden City
Nine Yelps from the Eisteddfod of Idiots
Just Because It Never Happened Doesn’t Mean We’re Still Alive
Head Arrangements
A Certain Quantity of Conversations Or, The Completely Altered Nightbook