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Chinese Travelogue
From Al-Mahdi
Yang Lian
Translated by Brian Holton
Five Poems
Claudio Magris
Translated by Lawrence Venuti
Afterword by Paul West
In the Woods of Nevoso
Three Poems
Five Beirut Poems
From Secrets
Harold Schimmel
Translated by Peter Cole
From Island to Island
Variations for My Brother Alfonso
From Lac
Bei Dao
Translated by David Hinton
 Five Poems
Special Troikas
Juan Goytisolo
Translated by Peter Bush
From The Marx Family Saga
Two Stories
Eduardo Galeano
Illustrations by José Francisco Borges
Translated by Mark Fried
From Walking Words
Travail Vertical et Blanc and Work Vertical and Blank
Seven Poems
The Blue Dove
Pairs, Passersby
Five Prose Poems
Two Poems
The Howling Twins (with an afterword by the author)
From The Babel of Iconoclasts
Table of the Matter, or, The Completely Lost Letters of Frédéric Chopin to His Friend Titus Wojciechowski