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Three Tales from Puerto Rico (translated by the author)
Kitty Blue
Five Dark Tales
Two Stories
The Bewitched Burr and Other Tales (cotranslated by the author)
A Fish Story
Three Tales from the Tale Known as the Princess Hoppy or the Labrador Tale
The Black Angel
Complaint on Her Cat
How I Became One of the Invisible (with a sketch-map by the author)
Translated by A. K. Ramanujan
Three Folktales from India (collected by the translator)
Four Bear Songs
Kuzma and the Worm
Convicta et Combusta
The Parakeet and the Cat
The Reduction of the Nativity
The Rose and Other Fairy Tales
Eight Parables and Poems
Ich Liebe Dich and Other Lies Too Hideous to Utter
The Lorca Variations: “Lunar Grapefruits”
Three Maidens at the Bath
Two Lithuanian Fairy Tales
The Children of Montjoie
Two Tales
The Woman of Stone
O’Malley and Schwartz
The Butterfly Girl
Paul West
Illustrations by Joe Servello
Rupert Killamarsh’s Other Life
The Pig Story
Snowbird and Other Tales
My Grandmother’s Story of the Buried Treasure and How She Defeated the King of Chacachacari and the Entire American Army with Her Venus-Flytraps
Translated by Romanus Egudu
Four Folktales from Nigeria (collected by the translator)
Papa Will
R’ha-l’a R’a-H’oum