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From The Cat Inside
Three Poems from Gisants
Five Poems from Baudelaire Series
From Oz
Four Rondeaux
The Marionette Theatre
Leviticus and Four Poems
Eleven Memoranda on the Culture of Jazz
Forms of Politeness
John Taggart
Illustrations by Bradford Graves
Not Quite Parallel Lines
Two Poems
From Artery (11–15)
Chinese Crossing
Three Poems
Edmond Jabès
Interview by Jason Weiss
An Interview
Two Poems
Dominion in February
Photographs from the Navajo Pueblos
The Place in Flowers Where Pollen Rests
Two Poems
The Rose Marble Table
From a Crown of Sonnets
Five Prose Pieces: Wool Tea, Cancer, City Sundays, A Lifetime Proposition, Elegy
Readings: Reviews and Criticism
A Round-Up of Some Recent Books about the Politics and Problems of Central America
on John Ashbery
on Robert Coover
on Leslie Scalapino
on Popol Vuh
on Michael McClure
on Ernest Matthew Mickler
on Steve Erickson and Roger Ormond
on Nathaniel Mackey
on David M. Guss