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A Paris Visit
After Wim Wenders’ Die Angst des Tormanns Beim Elfmeter
A Feather on the Breath of God
Arc 53: The Balanchine Spire
We Often Think of Lenin at the Clothespin Factory
‘A Picture of Perfect Rest’
A Crystal out of Time and Space: The Only Diary
From Firebird
Two Poems
Writings on a Cave Wall
The Lightness and Dexterity of Juanito Apiñani
Love in the Ruins
Tablet XXV
The Treasure Hunt
The Barricade, a passage from The Tunnel
Just When We Believe that Everything Has Changed
The Day the Lampshades Breathed
The Leaf
The Wild Gardens Overlooked by Night Lights
A Tribute to Basil Bunting
The Basilicum in the Gryke
 “The poem supreme, addressed to/ emptiness” (Creeley)
 A Trace of Wings
 “A Minor Poet Not Conspicuously Dishonest”
For Bunting
Bunting in Buffalo
[Sophrosyne spring muse overhang • Memorial Day]: Basil Bunting in memoriam
“Brief Words Are Hard to Find”: Basil Bunting & Lorine Niedecker
News for the Ear
Six Plaints and a Lament for Basil Bunting
The ‘Baz’
Bunting as Teacher
For Bunting
18.4.85 Northumberland, for B. B.
For Basil
Basil Bunting
Still combustible cinders …
A Tessera for Basil Bunting’s Library
Minimal Words
Basil / Leaves
A Haiku for Basil, Riving the Apples of Elysium
A Flag for Bunting
In the Bushes
Spring Tide: For Basil Bunting, Spring 1900 to Spring 1985
An Epitaph
Three Poems
’Bye Basil Bunting (April 17, 1985)
Una Dormienda
Question and Answer Session Between Old Parties
The Mouse and the Lion
Appreciating Present Conditions
The Voice of the Winter Poet
Waving His Stick
From Wreay Churchyard
Light As Spider Floss
Ode: Schubert Impromptu in F Minor
A Woman With Flaxen Hair in Norfolk Heard A Sequence Set to Honor Basil Bunting, No More Mourning Than the Sea
Letter to Jonathan Williams, 8 July 1985
A Glimpse Into the Many Lives of the Baz
Words From & For Basil Bunting
An Epitaph, Perhaps, For Beloved Baz
A Last Poem
Readings: Reviews and Criticism
Ain’t Those the Berries: The Writings of Lorine Niedecker
on William Gaddis
on Edmund White
on O. V. de L. Milosz
on Jack Chambers
on John Hawkes