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From Women and Men
Six Poems from Articulation of Sound Forms in Time
Six Studies for Hegel’s Family
Translated by Guy Davenport
Complete Poems
The Snow
Three Poems
Got Those Little Old Forever Inadequate Blues
An Introduction to William Wegman’s Drawings
Three Poems
Three Poems
Irving Layton
Interview by B. W. Powe
An Interview
A Wives’ Tale
Three Poems
The Bible Lady
Two Poems
Metropolitan Acquaintances
At Beaches Again
From Eve of Green Grass
Four Poems
Heavy is the Root of Light that Lies in the Still Dark
Toward a Human Poetics: A Selection of Papers Read at the “Symposium of the Whole” Conference
Ethnopoetics & (Human) Poetics
The Invention of the “Other”
The Beautiful and the Dangerous: Zuni Ritual and Cosmology as an Aesthetic System
Dr. Jekyll, the Anthropologist Emerges and Marches into the Notebook of Mr. Hyde, the Poet
Interrupting the Whole
From the Book of Books to the Books of the Book