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Always in Arises
You Are Country Like Me
From From a Broken Bottle Traces of Perfume Still Emanate
Glow Little Glowworm
Landscapes on a Train
Woodland Pattern
On the Monstrous
Monstrous, Monstrosity, Monster, and the Little Man Next Door
Listening to Krao: What the Freak and Monster Tell Us
A Taxonomy of the Teratoid: Self-Aware Monsters, Oblivious Fiends, and Elusive Demons
Two Elegies
Five Poems
Luxembourg Gardens
Letters So That Happiness
Immortals Having a Party
The Connoisseur of Pain
The Migration
The Immediacy of Heat
The Afterlife of Paper
The Alphabet and Its Pretenses
Table of Contents
The Pearls That Were His Eyes
The Library
Literature and the Right Not to Die
Reversible Story
Janus at a Chinese Restaurant in Paris
Every Day, an Epic
Otherwise Smooth
Romancing the Mind