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The Silver Swanne
Four Poems
Standard—13, I Remember Clifford (from Dick Miller)
A Possibly Momentary Declaration in Favor of William Butler Yeats and Charles Ellsworth Russell
From From A Broken Bottle Traces of Perfume Still Emanate
An Interview
Three Poems
Never Too Late
Photographs: Stonypath, Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Sculpture Garden
Carnets: 1979–1982
Massachusetts 1932
Four Pieces from theforestforthetrees
Lorine Niedecker
Selected Letters to Cid Corman 1961–1970
The Photographs of Guy Mendes: “Eh, La Bas, the F-Stops Here!”
An Interview
Wild Sleeve
Greenbaum, O’Reilly & Stephens
Two Poems
Four Poems