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Don’t Even Try, Sam
Seven Poems
Two or Three Things I Know About Them
Anticipation of the Night
Two Poems
Far and Wide My Country Stretches
Lyn Hejinian
Illustrations by Peter Hutton
Ten Temporary Sonnets
The Park Near Marienbad
Something Erotic in the Nape of the Neck [the thick cloth]
Twelve Poems
The Shed
Happy Film
Lapland, or Film Noir
Two Poems
Three Poems and Twelve Portraits
Peter Lorre in the Afterlife
Still No Still
ULULU: Clown Shrapnel
They Put a Spell on You
Four Poems
The Philadelphia Story
My Wife Looks Like Greta Garbo
Boys’ Bodies
Fat Man My Love
Going to the Poem
Robert Desnos
Translated by Luc Sante
The Reefs of Love
Three Poems
The Black Cat
Two Poems
Cinema Nights
Three Poems
Voice Over
Mother, I: From a Film Script Based on Georges Bataille’s Novel Ma Mère
At the Drive-In With Reciprocal Rib
In Turnaround
From The California Poem: We dream up movies, photosynthesis, Lombard & Lana Turner, & the hills are haunted by celluloid ghosts
Past Time Based
White Screen
A Place in the Sun
Special Feature
Turnbuckle, a play