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Two Kingdoms
Zed Lake
The Navigators
The Pound Project
Bed Brought out of Scotland
Being a Man
From The Head Cornerstone
Four Poems
Four Essays
De Kooning
Three Poems
To the Shadow
From Streams of Water
Norman Manea
Interview by Sean Cotter
The Nomadic Text: Exile and Translation, An Interview
From The Gravedigger’s Daughter
Night Music
Spirit Birds
Guests of Space (II)
The Execution of Fegelein
The Ominous Philologist
Five Poems
The Reincarnate
The Messenger
The Pink Dress
The Art of Thinking
Five Poems
Two Poems
‘Can’t’ is ‘Night’
How They Took My Body Apart and Made Another Me
Two Stories
I Remember Her as a Study in Red
Birthday Call
Three Poems
Scotch and an Orange
Howard Norman
Illustrations by Jake Berthot
Trees of the Epistolary Life
William Gaddis: A Portfolio
[“To begin with, here are two things …”]
[“I’ve always been fascinated by Gaddis …”]
[“On the occasion of his posthumous publications …”]
[“He was elegant, urbane, unassuming …”]
[“The four cardinal points …”]
[“When Rick Moody suggested …”]
[“It was the grad-school summer of ’60 …”]
[“Gaddis. Even when, during our dozen or so conversations …”]
[“Justice?–You get justice …”]
[“Nearly two decades ago …”]
[“Money. The first word of J R …”]
[“It was this impulse to extend …”]
[“A habit, no more than his acute ear …”]
[“I’m not sure when I came across …”]
[“As Lou Harrison says …”]
[“Nearly twenty years ago …”]
[“I’ve always been partial …”]
[“I can’t be the only one …”]
[“‘Our immortality is made of memories and lies …’”]