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The Deep Zoo
Anita’s Diary
Three Poems
Sleep, Sleepwalker
Hölderlin Hybrids: In Early November
Rat Man of Manhattan
The Dead in Their Sleekness
Hansel and Gretel
Mary Mary Ellen Ellen
Some Values of Landscape and Weather
From Memnoir
Life in the Body
Rejoicing Revoicing
From The Adolescent
First and Last Published Poems
Where Does the Wolf Live?
Translated by Peter Cole
Four Poems of the Kabbalah
From Don Quixote
Uwe Timm
Translated by Breon Mitchell
Wenstrup’s Disappearance
Twelve Poems from Serres Chaudes
Marcel Proust
Translated by Lydia Davis
From The Way by Swann’s
José Martí
Translated by Esther Allen
A Chinese Funeral
Translated by Michael Emmerich
Pierre Reverdy
Translated by Ron Padgett
Nine Prose Poems
Robert Musil
Translated by Burton Pike
Berlin Stroll
From Master of the Sea
Seven Poems
The Guest
From Flowers of Evil
Two Poems
From Anna Karenina