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Silence and The Boat-Women: A Story and a Dance-Drama
C.P. Cavafy
Translated by John C. Davis
Seven Unfinished Poems
Cavafy's Ithaka
From Black and White
(with lithographs by the author)
Twelve Poems
(with an afterword by the translator)
Marcel Proust
Translated by Burton Pike
The Indifferent One
Christmas Vacation
(with a facsimile of the original manuscript)
Robert Musil
Translated by Burton Pike
The Snowstorm
Michel Leiris
Translated by Lydia Davis
1944 Journal
Maurice Blanchot
Translated by Jeff Fort
The Instant of My Death
(an afterword to Michel Leiris's 1944 Journal)
Claus Peymann and Hermann Beil on Sulzwiese
Hollow Haven
(with an afterword by the translator)
Poems and Fragments 1909-1964
E.M. Cioran
Translated by Richard Howard
Afterword by Norman Manea
From Cahiers
Three Poems
The House Was There
(with an illustration by the author)
Three Stories
Three Poems
Vaslav Nijinsky
Edited by Joan Acocella
Translated by Kyril FitzLyon
From The Unknown Fourth Notebook