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Sterling Brown: A Southern Man
For M. Moore
Old Poets, Old Poems: Edwin Arlington Robinson
Black Reconstruction: Du Bois & the U.S. Struggle for Democracy & Socialism
Panels for Nathanael
How to Tell a Lie, by Edgar Allan Poe
Ezra Pound: A Seereeyus Precursor
On Lillian Hellman
Language, Voice, Beat, Energy in the Poetry: Jack Kerouac
Edith Wharton: A Mole in the House of the Modern
The Sound of the Fury: Faulkner's Aerial Surf
Langston Hughes: "If You Can't Read, Run Anyhow!"
Chemical Seuss
A Novel of Thank You (for Gertrude Stein)
Divining Stein
Bob Kaufman: The Footnotes Exploded
Elizabeth Bishop's Prose: Atmospheres of Identity
Anaïs Nin, All the Rest Is Origami
Gatsby's Glasses
The Visible Man: Ralph Ellison
Shirley Jackson: "My Mother's Grave Is Yellow"
Frank Stanford, Of the Mulberry Family: An Arkansas Epilogue
The Strange Case of Dr. Eiseley
Frederick Prokosch
To Dickinson
Robert Duncan & The Right Time
Encounters with an Americano Poet: William Carlos Williams
Sylvia's Honey
Broaching Difficult Dahlberg
For Lorine Niedecker
Now Let Us Praise James Agee
Kenneth Patchen: "Hiya, Ken Babe, What's the Bad Word for Today?"
The Visionary Art of Henry David Thoreau
Joyful Noise: The Gospel Sound of Henry D. Thoreau