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From Perduta Gente
On Saving History
From Out With the Stars
The River
Conrad and Lowry in Mexico
Determination, Suspension, Diversion, Digression, Destruction
From 707 Scott Street
Friends: 1689
Three Poems
James’ Games
Three Poems
Fix Me Up
Translated by Alexander Gelley
From Posthumous Fragments of 1798
An Interview
Two Poems
Eight Collages
The Glass Mountain
The Novel in the Next Century
The Faculty for Hearing the Silence of Jesus
The Bugbear of Experimentalism
Beauty & the Cripple
Grace’s Tree, I
From Horse Spittle
Three Poems
They Take the Car Away
Two Poems
The Sight of a Lion that Appeared to Me and Seemed to Be Coming at Me
Two Poems
Translated by Esther Allen
Poetry and Apoetical Culture
Dido to Aeneas
Jepthah’s Vow and Marginality
Last Words
In Memoriam