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Memphis to Memphis
Always Bach
In Nomine
Two Appreciations: Jackie Mc and David Murray
Against Music
The Furies
Up Close and Personal: Miles Davis and Me
Orwell’s Bells
From Comes Through in the Call Hold (Improvisations on Cecil Taylor)
An Interview
Music in Time of War
For Four Violins
Me and Satan
From Djbot Baghostus’s Run
On the Uneasy Marriage of Music and Poetry
Ami Minden
Three Notes on the Roots of Rhythm
Lucas 1 to 29
Tuning Forks
The Influence of Music on the Work of George Eliot as recalled by George Henry Lewes
Two Essays: Why Do We Hate the Music of Our Time? and In Praise of Charles Koechlin
George Wettling
Drum of Poetry, Drum of War
A Snowman and Other Curiosities
Mambo Mephiste, an unfinished novel