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The First Voyage of Somebody the Sailor
Lord Royston’s Tour
Four Stories
An Interview
33 Contemporary American Poets
The Nonconformist’s Memorial
Two Poems
Way of Life
Two Poems
Ark: The Ramparts (Arches I–XVIII)
Echoes from the Spanish Civil War
Hold It
After Christoph Hein’s The Distant Lover
Two Poems
Seven Rondeaux
Letters to Zanzotto
Italian Sequence Comma With Italian Words Stop One Stop
From Over The Hill
A Baltic Tragedy
Prom In Toledo Nights
Virtual Reality
Three Poems
Three Poems
Variations on a Paraphrase
Geisha Mime
Eggplant and Lotus Roots
Three Poems
From Herself Com Passionate
Five Nails
Mise en Scène
The Attraction of the Ground
One to Bet: A Jerusalem Pamphlet
Fragments from Aeschylus’ Prometheos Auomenos
No’s Knife in Yes’s Throat