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Itinerary’s Control
Four Poems
From The Letter Left to Me
In the Light
Into the Arms of the Man on the Moon
The Winter Journey
The Asian Lectures (In anticipation of the question, “Why do you write?”)
Three Poems
TABLET XXVI: From the Laboratory Teachings Memoirs of the Scholar/Translator
Three Quintets
Paul West
Interview by Bradford Morrow
An Interview
William T. Vollmann
Illustrations by Ken Miller
The White Knights
Jonathan Williams
Illustrations by Guy Mendes
Across the Kudzu and Way Down Yonder Under Algamila
Four Poems
From Hidden
Scenes from Bouquet Rag
Wisdom as Such: In Respect of Robert Duncan
Readings: Reviews and Criticism
on Robert Duncan
on Georges Perec & Jacques Roubaud
on Paul Celan
on Alison Armstong
on Tom Patterson
on Theodore Enslin