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I Am the Dust Under Your Feet
Marvin Gaye Suite
Jumping-jack flash
Lewis and Morris
From A Reading
Li Santo
Three Poems
Chayne of dragons
Finnish Rhapsody
Materia Prima
An Interview
Ark 57, The Gaia Spire
The Nichol Suite
Opening the Eyelid
Three Imagines
“Meaning Is To Be Here”: A Selection from the Daybook
Three Poems
Sex and Character
Two Poems
Five Days from a Dream Almanac
Two Poems
Three Poems
Confusing Green with the Color Red: Allegories
Seven Tales from 26 Bars
Eight Poems from Twits Gits Moles Proles & Odd Sods of Dreary Little Sebber
Protoavia: Narrative of the Pilots
The Faulknerian Presence in Contemporary American Fiction