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For J. L.
A Wintry Landscape
Keats at Highgate
Bottom of the Forty-Fifth
Meeting James Laughlin
The Flowing
Six Translations from Baudelaire
Blarney Spalpeen on the True Meaning of St. Patrick's Day
Nothing Which Celebrates Ezra Pound's Relationship with J.
A Rallying Point
In a Guest Book, N.Y.C.
Homage to J.
A Continental European Tribute
About James Laughlin
Two Poems
A Most Magnificent Oration
Two Poems
A Poem for James Laughlin
Three Poems
A Statement
Finding a New Audience
Notes about Laughlin's Typewriter
Poem on the Occasion of an Afternoon Walk
Two Poems
A Statement
Looking across at the Silvretta
What Else
Homage to James Laughlin
James Laughlin
An Occasion
How Long Is the Present
Death in the Photomaton
For James Laughlin: A Dedication and a Poem
A Statement and Anonymous Anomalous Letters
My Mother Chupa's Song
Dunkard Creek
Five Poems
For James Laughlin
James Laughlin
The Joy of Persephone
A Letter and a Poem
A Statement
My Sand Clan and a Tribute
Compass and Set Square: The Hermetic Triumph
A Struggle for Humility
Poem for JL
Three Afro-Ditties
A Native American Folktale
Early Days at New Directions
Twenty-One Ways of Loving Celestine
Three Poems and a Translation
On James Laughlin
A Man of Purpose
A Form of Intelligence
The Inner House
The Difference of James Laughlin
A Checklist of the Publications of James Laughlin