Online Exclusive

Six Poems

nebulous insurgent
you dream your life
into invariables

tidal friction
astronomical friends

you plant trees
the days are void
in conversation

you find a postcard—
Timeless Auras—collages,
sumi paintings, paper sculptures

thereafter solemn
books become situations
at any moment you might disappear

a thread will unravel
sword, shield, owl, rose


Between Worlds

apparent innate air mist abstraction shadow invincible silent
immense the slate the sea the clouds crucial anecdotes in
preservation lyrics reeds undiscovered leaps of revealing
collected the poems without permission the snow the tigers
the dreams they lived outside carried books paintings
flower water mountain without maps trains clocks corridors
evidence a green thread perhaps imagined through the forest


To Some Extent

the letters seem to be disappearing


my feet become the roots of the oak


I am looking for a satisfactory conversation & then a bit of silence


oblique seizures in an attempt for consciousness


the designs are in a shattered clock


bewilder imagine enclaves sober


there are gaps


a strange person made of bags stranded on the freeway encourages me to move on


Tenuous the Threads

clock threads indeterminate language wash the clothes balance the socks
the reindeer is tied to a lamppost 

equalize the perimeter between/around two heads semblance of eagles 
semblance of pines white blanket in winter

extreme the responsibilities green light red light blockades tapestries
wander down tranquil equate absence with denial unravel illumination


Reading Muraki on a Calendar. Trying to Understand Time.


the light comes in slowly.   gradually. not always.
subtle realization the surreal.   dreams.   desires.    instincts.    dramas.   survival. 


we go shopping for trees.


birds & thoughts.
the owl is hidden on the island. 


the rim of the world.     the street of miracles.      the wind tunnel.      a wireless grid.


travels within/
travels without.


through the empty corridors.     clocks & dragonflies.      small drawings of time.


Within the Cries of the Subway 

bach. “the elf king.”
water sprite.
how does complication
exactly work?
could you define your life?
remember to plan for your next trip.
imagine trees. gardens. walls lined with books.
avoid trifling conversations.
know the island & the gyrfalcon.
exit to the sea.  

Marcia Arrieta is the author of one book of poetry, Triskelion, Tiger Moth, Tangram, Thyme (Otoliths Press), and two chapbooks, Experimental: (Potes & Poets Press) and The Curve Against the Linear (Toadlily Press’s The Quartet Series—An Uncommon Accord). Her work has appeared in Ellipsis, So to Speak, 13th Moon, Cold Mountain Review, and elsewhere. She edits and publishes the poetry journal Indefinite Space.