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Certain Hazards of Living without the Assumption of Timing
Tall words wring hands, though not effortlessly
The music of cinema, the music of trees
Even in times of ease, the effort is more
Taking a walk sometimes involves the perforation of crisis
Estrangement is a thing we can feel but not always practice
Step backwards if you want to hear the cinereous sounds of living
How one can involve oneself in the world without letting go of the crisis
The arrow produces a sound like an accompaniment
But only when held in water
Even when the edges are rippled, a sight like a sound uncovers itself
We could make a deadline for ourselves and be sure to be firm about it
Not knowing the solution to the problem lends heat to the crisis
Before saying this the sentence splits off
Tearing up these documents for good represents a willingness to let go of the crisis
Living life like that incarcerates our hearing but also our desire for building
Honestly sounds like that produce waterfalls of ballads
Spitting ourselves out we walk up and down the metropolis
States of imagining refer us back to the summits of sleeping
Holding our heads in the vacuous sky we believe ourselves to be giants
What the informant gives us are listings
Listings keep us hoping for the cinereous task of living
Beautiful limits invest us with the quality of being half-torn
What presumptions there are about us concern the matter of our ending
Ending and living are two similar and not incompatible functions
Sending is also a way to subsist in a time of crisis.


Certain hazardous visions begin with an assumption about timing
This is how perception states the aim
The music of learning approximates our understanding of living
Cutting off the poem too quickly gives rise to a palpable sense of wronging
Certain sung comparisons begin with assumptions about timing
Living and being are not the same thing
Not having a place in the city gives rise to concerns about living
Living and learning not the same thing
Learning that comparison takes time from living
Believing and coming to learning are not the same thing
The axis of learning is not the same as any axis of comparison
The ethics of that comparison gives rise to objections about writing
Writing and seeming are not the same thing
Even if we refract the latter through a prism of reference
The highlander bird gives rise to certain affiliations of being
Not only in our showers but also in our cataracts and surges
Being and learning are not the same thing.


The excesses of caution so too intersect with the projects of living
Being and changing give rise to patterns and also to outward perceptions
In such being and changing we are given to being in crisis
Being and changing are almost one and the same thing
Not changing and not coming into the crisis is almost one and the same thing with not living
Being and living are not the same
Such motions of discipleship give rise to outer appearances of changing
Changing and deciding are not the same thing
Certain learning gives rise to the motions of living
These play out like patterns upon a perception
One’s perception of living is not like the action surrounding
Cinematic gestures produce the same feeling
Even if we let go of our futures it won’t be without warning
Being and living are not the same thing
Housing us produces the desired effect of sheltering
Certainly sheltering being is an applaudable thing
Coming into being and living are not the same thing.


Certain spoken effects of living are not without consequences
Having and not-having are not the same in a comparison
Being in rending the matter is a palpable consequence
Even if there’s listening in the apparent gathering
Hearing and listening are not the same thing
What gathers listening is not the same thing as what gathers functioning
Outside of measuring another receiving beginning
Telling of listening is not the same thing as imagining
Layers of imaginings often refer to states of being
This listening and imagining produce in us a heightened activity of wandering
Wandering and decision-making are not the same thing
Entering gives us freedom to enter without otherwise belonging
Narrowly escaping the crisis means never escaping what’s contributing
Not seeing is never believing
Having ventriloquial feelings leads one to a feeling of opening
The gatherings outside of one are not always the symbols of functioning
Being and fathoming are not the same thing.


Comic strips for the living are produced in a moment of crisis
What divides us is our manner of making assumptions

Succumbing to listening often means sustaining the feeling
Certain manners of working begin with our feelings about timing

To produce decisions about anything we must be involved with the process
Having an understanding of ending does not give us license 

Succumbing to listening often means sustaining the feeling
What this is involving is always on the axis of following

Certain presumptions about following begin with being and listening
Certain paradigms of living are not without consequences

Chaos and living are not indescribable functions
The glorious concert produces an indescribable effect.


The price of living with difference is in the surroundings
Horizons extend to living
Evenings of unknown earnings conceal a collapse of a practice
This disappearance is an hour of mourning
Certain hours of living and not of fading effortlessly extend toward reciting
Various patterns of being and of representing produce in us images of crisis
Such a system for being can be at odds with a system of crisis.


Extends to evenings of examining the virtue of living
Even if the longing produces a narrowing
Narrowing on the horizon produces the effect of seeing
Seeing and learning are not the same thing
With such narrowing of vision on the horizon and effortless seeing
In conjunction with learning
Being and narrowing not the same thing
How can the cluster of sayings produce the said thing
Not living and being but narrowing
Narrowing toward a crisis 
With living and narrowing coming undone
Each being not only living but narrowing and unearthing
Seeking its location in the concourse of living
Extending and narrowing toward the effortless flooding
Being and living are not the same thing
With such a one living and such a one narrowing
Locating being in learning
Being and learning are not the same thing
Not the same, being and germinating.


Certain popular conceptions of timing are not learning
Certain hazards of dreaming are in the meadows of listening
Certain assumptions breed prattle about timing and prattle about living
Prattle about living is noticeably worse than prattle about timing
Various models of listening and models of timing breed wasted assumptions
Such a prattling about living and about listening is a sign of the times

Missions take preference and we are certainly on our way to becoming honorable
Such is the saying of numbers of beings
Certainly that mission is not unavoidable

Saying so gives rise to the efforts of aiming.


Certain assumptions about listening begin with matter-of-fact aimings and assumptions about living
Some versions of learning borrow their figures from timing
Certain assumptions about living are immersed in the practice of aiming
To hear the allure of listening under the patterns of borrowing
Curiously living and learning are not the same thing
To see the patterns burning under the assumptions about living
These patterns and assumptions also fit into our notions about timing
Living and breathing function differently
How can anything be more living than that which produces timing
Truly living and breeding are not the same thing
With patterns of learning and the aftereffects of mourning 
What assumptions about borrowing produce the expected thing.


Certain patterns of living begin with patterns of thinking
Certain patterns of thinking begin with patterns of speaking
Speaking and thinking are disruptions
Certain patterns of speaking and being are disruptions of patterns of knowing
Certain knowing patterns begin with disruptions in thinking
Thinking about patterns requires an inward thinking about everything
Sometimes racing toward patterns produces inward assumptions
Thinking about the burgeoning and not-burgeoning of things
Because they are
Because they are also thinking.