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Charley Horse Nagasaki Palatine
Charley horse    pretension slip    mutton chop und-unbekanntë-Méer
advocate proceed forbidden    áufgebaut    substantive-necéssity
natural summer lobdotterel nil    palace    classical gallery frydom
net of galaxy Schmétterling dinner    gangling marvel literal bánishment
    class-punctuátion    Mútterrecht-announcement fantail phylum calico Fínn
glittering fíddle-marker    antiquated twin

Banana retention pontificate reticule - lármes - matter    factory ghost
chosen periphery Glasgo Turnpike    vital whéat-twig asúnder Mensch
pidgin proclivity darkness ocean - báy    Staten Island virtual clay
obnoxious creature médlar-tree illusion Érdë mehr    glass    voll    night    Hong Kong nice
    erwachend striking noûs erhebendë - spléndor
foot-bar Satan    Fárben - Kinder

Glück    smart - milk        Regen-Oklahóma iron Sáchen
Hüttë cough    Möglichkeit    Vulcan fleeing yóunger men
paranoia sóup-tea castle    floating Vienna    kleiner Fenster
sleigh-bun gúilt    lamp meritorious gelbë Schlangë endless tension
    Margaret - Sánger - activity - roustabout diamond góalie    áffectless féelies
spreadingly barmaid unflowering beastly

Stuyvesant mitten    blauë Augen curtain net untrustworthy réquiem
hindering rúmor-clock Mafia schláfen    bárn-hole theory    cátegory-boo-boo
mission stein ends súperedition    Langer India Schönheit - broadside
indeed for inner    devilish    yámmer    stern acclaim for calculated-ríver-Messer
    ártist-so-to-think    Bauer’s monomania    quiet attitudinizing áccident - avoidance
disturbing Blumen    málachite - nurture

Books interwoven as salted encounters    integrated circuits    ówl-stick patterns
castanets in the setting - sún    álcohol - snaps    culled horízons
next arbitrátion-mare    trampled clumps    Schreibmaschinë Baltic margins
multiple fragments    brief annexátion-Blick    dráma-Personen    heartily Mixtec pársley
    fame    garotted anonymity    farmhand politics savage intént
venturous follicles    Márblehead-intrigue

Hungarian accent petite    Malibu maidens you mention oméga-cure
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two-pills-arríval gólly cousin    bower canon Eckë political flúff aligning a narrow certain
    Canaan sailor féster - motor
cárrot laser    Auerbach Ásian

Lyndon’s sweaty stalks embolden    friends of the head of the music department
lengthen Mädchen in Kümmel ant    dunkel discussions impassioning February
nothing streams    from consonant Pluto    dry - trees and swáns abide
próse-ridden gástronomes’ lowbrow columns    Glicksman metaphors long
    Transylvánians    actable Turing    Wíttgenstein    family wages    dapple-gray stállions
noteworthy Poltergeist    miniskirted Tálinn

Judas Iscariot Méidlinger Bau    trapezoid barnstorm marshmallow fíeld trip
technical núisance-value marvelous sunstroke nettlesome megaton natty commensurate
íncome barrister Whitcomb Ríley    pump adoration    syphilitic martyrdom
partial market-enclosure-Palestrina    labile Mexican ransom note    Fahrkartë
    innocence stable-legislátion locked-up licenses lapidary cléaver
river evaluate    Nagasaki Pálatine

Caesural spaces = durations of silence and/or prolongations of final phonemes or syllables:
4 letter spaces [    ] = 1 unstressed syllable;
8 letter spaces [        ] = 1 stressed syllable or beat
none occurs between typographical lines; breath pauses at verse-line endings ad lib.

Nonorthographic acute accents indicate stresses, not vowel qualities. [ë] = sounded final e. Each hyphenated
compound is read as one extended word; somewhat more rapidly than others but not hurried.

[ - ] = a slowed-down compound (each member, 1 beat).
Indented typographical lines continue verse lines begun above them.

Vienna: April 8–13, 1992; New York: October 2–4, 1994; November 11–16, 1997; January 14, 1998