Online Exclusive

News of the Fall of Troy
for & after Anselm Kiefer


(what is important is that history be
silent          (for a moment

(we call this attention

(it is one function of Art


(stippled vesicle          (rucked plexure

(a new Latin, vantage supplies
its architect          (to the eye: not


(the shuffling of chairs


(record the armature
(colonial                         I mean

(let the animals please stop talking


(the video repeats itself

(we take inventory after the fire

(settle the horizon
(immigration particle


(we are made uncomfortable
when the figures behind the masks
refuse to smile, 

there are only so many
memories          (inside the earth



(airlifted, as horses have been


(vision’s reconstructive delta

(nobody is watching

(rendered             (—vowel shift
(or: as wax into fruit


(demotic corollary: traffic surge, 
the figure in the carpet

(traces of crushed myrtle

(∴  who is, is not invited


(tracks any lit space, any brightness
(the eye

(in mortal groove


(starlight as mixed media

(a grid is established         not so

(geometry                    (as metric


(sounds of encroaching weather


(follow these instructions
to assist the vertical

(electrical                              (ergo, 

(sustained gradient

(O plenum
(O dirty, broken glass


(the idea vs. the execution
of the idea

(isometric          ((& to the dispersion

(not so much music as
“in time” 


(for love of some common

(palette                           (spectrum

(music answers form
with form’s own         apposition

(not         pure, no

(the physical reflex is
to catch what’s thrown 

(to you                              (at you


(lightwell             (power source

(the magics of fatherhood


(igneous                       (a Helen


(a memory of music
is not the same as music

(ladder in air
the proscenium arch

(beadwork          (if you have to
“search”      for the art


nothing about the bombing
(was quite random


(capsid          (protein sheath


(to be surrounded
by image                    (the ambient


(video          (as explanation: 
(a storm passes, we say
                                             a storm
(passes,             has passed


(camera obscura          (panopticon; 
the eye is either
discursive         unitary          (or


(dilation               (intention

(required: a separate & natural
history of the senses


(no we do not have permission
(from the animals


(to preach to the fire, vs. 
(to preach in the fire

(to preach into the fire


(the larger forms are all ghosts


(if you hold the art up to one ear
you can hear

(Greek         Latin         French         German
(those         blind gyres

([compel them to come in] 


(furrows scored         for paint &
municipal connections

(productive image-in-motion


(rather              in Philadelphia
a human workshop

(configured soundscape

(the wrecked aerials
(slow psalm          ((in desuetude


(that there is a minute chemical
behind photography

(protons          (electrons         neutrinos

& all smaller
(particles         math imagines

(spinning in that shallow brace

(should not surprise us


(song of          [monster; teacher
(song of          [Samson
(song of          [trumpet; crucified; 


(on some smaller planet 


fane (flag or pennant; weather-
vane                    (your face, obscured

(model airplanes in rotation


(for: we are not wingèd beings

((There is no original scar


G. C. Waldrep’s most recent books are feast gently (Tupelo) and the long poem Testament (BOA Editions). Other recent work has appeared in The American Poetry Review, New England Review, Yale Review, Iowa Review, Colorado Review, New American Writing, Conjunctions, etc. Waldrep lives in Lewisburg, PA, where he teaches at Bucknell University and edits the journal West Branch.