Online Exclusive

Matter Has Been Blown off the Surface of this V   i   s   i   b   le Star
In my collection of gluons whose color adds up
to white:

a time the universe

was the size of a darkening
string; a quark,

an antiquark, red + antired, green + antigreen, or blue =
white. A glueball, really   —Are there any infinities

left? Yes, yes, they still unload the crates
of Coca Cola in the winter
morning sunlight, some third graders’ milk cartons in blue

plastic bags waiting on the street corner.
What are they waiting for? (The trash
collectors.) I will have to eliminate them—the yellow
styrofoam lunchboxes stacked together, oily, glistening with history   —Listen:

The earth together
with all its inhabitants, all demolished and not-demolished things is
out there


Eleni Sikelianos is the author of Make Yourself Happy (Coffee House Press) and the forthcoming What I Knew (Nightboat), among other titles. Her poem in Conjunctions:71, A Cabinet of Curiosity is from a new manuscript in progress, Your Kingdom.