Susan Howe
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Susan Howe’s books of poetry include The Europe of Trusts: Selected PoemsPierce-Arrow, and The Midnight (all New Directions). She has also authored several books of literary criticism, My Emily Dickinson (North Atlantic Books) and The Birth-Mark: Unsettling the Wilderness in American Literary History (Wesleyan). 



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Fall 2023
Bradford Morrow


November 22, 2023
HE WENT DOWN THE STREET, his old street, on a whim, and then the whim birthed another and he turned [...]
by Han Ong
November 15, 2023
    Curious spirits, Eleanor says. I cannot discern that these spirits around you have a personal connection to you, by which I mean, I cannot discern the emotions common to relations and loved ones, like love or concern. These are spirits who you do not know. I don't know why they are gathered around you. Maybe they are just passing through and something about you has detained them for the hour, for the day.
November 8, 2023
UP AT THE PASS   On either side drops a waste of plain scrub   And [...]