Keith Waldrop
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Keith Waldrop
Photo by Naomi Yang
A longtime contributor to Conjunctions, Keith Waldrop was an internationally-celebrated poet, translator, and editor. Waldrop published over a dozen books of poetry, including the 2009 National Book Award–winning Transcendental Studies: A Trilogy (University of California Press), and two books of prose, Hegel’s Family (Station Hill) and Light While There is Light (Sun & Moon). He received France's distinguished “Chevalier des arts et des lettres” for his translations of French literature, which included works by Charles Baudelaire and Claude Royet-Journoud, among many others. With his wife Rosmarie Waldrop, he co-edited the innovative Burning Deck Press for over 50 years.



In Print

Vol. 80
Ways of Water
Spring 2023
Edited by Bradford Morrow


September 20, 2023
The Rachel stands tuned  
            to multiplicities, 
aslant in a territory of longing,
            where she becomes foreign.

            What has she found?
She listens, acknowledges another sound,
            diffuse, multiple,  
pulsing thought, oscillations, whisperings,
            never only one.
September 13, 2023
I had yet to discover the source of that star, it came and it passed but from where it sprang and then fell to fading remained a mystery. In cycling its light lent its powers to coloring my tablecloth a lighter shade, relieving pigment from its duty to darken, except for those spots where I placed my bottles and cups, shielding only parts of the piece from fading, threads left closer to their original hues hewed to others abandoned as wraiths to their fates, a darker ring the mark of those who stayed behind.
September 6, 2023
Where the trees blackened, I saw,

Quickly, three deer lean into goldenness.

It seems, although wildfires rage

Out of control, this world remembers

Some portion of its first purposes:

Superfluous beauty