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Fallen Martyrs, Felled Trees
After Maria
Disputed Site Sestinas
Acequias as Quipus, Quipus as Poems
A Theory Pre-Post-Mortem
An Interview
The Entanglements: A Representation
The Great Trash Vortex: Dispatch from Fuerteventura, Islas Canarias
Two Stories
Five Poems
Valley of Glass
Think of It
Once Out of Nature
In the Mist of Everything
Third Étude Ending “Soon Come” Rebegun
We Held Hands
Anthropocene/Burtynsky: Ekphrastics
The Magical Substratum
Two Elemental Elegies
Three Poems
Ancient Inland Sea
Mountains & The Wind
The Damage
Wolf Tones
Moby Dick, Ecoterrorist
Spectra Reservoirs
Naming the Storm
A Liberation
Notes on a Metamorphosis
Excerpt from Sen’s Ninth and Final Notebook: S.+648 Days to S.+731 Days