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An Impacted Fracture of the Distal Radius
Three Poems
Dead Girls
Dressed In the Absurd Clothes of the Time: Thoughts on Translation
Slum Melody
Runner’s Body
System of Display
Ten Body Stories
Skeleton, Rock, Shell
 Clytemnestra’s Body Polis Ticks
Notes on Lazarus
Playing the Whip
Three Poems
Dirty Old Town
Traditional Chinese Massage Number 1
Another Way the Universe Communicates Its Presence to Itself
The Body of the Great Writer and the One Hundred Yiddish Writers Who Kept Watch
The Flesh of Suddenness
The Extraordinary Life and Historic Adventures of a Servant called LITTLE, Written and Drawn by Herself
Left Hand Jane
Four Body Poems
House of Virgins
Body Politic: A Tenso
Little Rooms