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Henry’s Room
A Visit to Fredrik Ruysch’s Cabinets
Reflections on the Real Joe Dicostanzo
The Fisherman Bombadier of Norfolk Naval Base
Untitled Original 11386i
Fur, Bark, Feather, Leaf, Faun
The Wanting Beach
Soldier’s Handbook
An Anatomy of Curiosity
Untitled or Not Yet
Three Poems
Days of Heaven
In the Great Hall of Bones
A Curiosity of Spies
Once More to the Beach
The Unsent Letters of Blaise and Jacqueline Pascal
Idylls of Curiosity
Father, Ether, Sea
Big Dark Hole
How Tsala Entered the Spirit World and Became a Hawk
Three Poems
Her Old Home
The Empyrean Light
Why Brother Stayed Away
Mona Sparrow
Waiting For Kizer