Karla Kelsey
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Karla Kelsey is the author of Knowledge, Forms, the Aviary and Iteration Nets (both Ahsahta Press), as well as the forthcoming A Conjoined Book (Omnidawn Press). She edits and writes for the Constant Critic and coedits, with Aaron McCollough, SplitLevel Texts.



In Print

Vol. 69
Being Bodies
Fall 2017
Edited by Bradford Morrow


April 17, 2018
There was a socket in the wall my mother told me not to touch. The wire innards of the plug spilled out of the unguarded hole. The wires looked like black spaghetti.
April 10, 2018
“And you say they’ve been here how long?”

     “We don’t know exactly. Our estimate is a month, approximately. It’s difficult to be sure, we don’t keep tabs on our employees, so it could well be longer, a month and a few days, perhaps.”
April 3, 2018
Cold hole in my right pant
through which
                        grass’s eyelash brushes my calf,
flirty infinite