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New to the weekly online magazine:
Four poems by Kirstin Allio


Selected full online texts from our brand-new issue, Conjunctions:68, Inside Out: Architectures of Experience:

“Two Poems,” by Robert Kelly
“Five Provence Poems,” by Elizabeth Robinson
“The House That Jack Built,” by John Madera
“Euphoria,” by Can Xue
“The Wall,” by Robert Coover
“The Botanist’s House,” by Kathryn Davis


From now through roughly July 30, we are reading innovative, provocative fiction, poetry, and essays for our Fall 2017 issue, Conjunctions:69, Being Bodies.

Being Bodies will explore the complex circumstances of our flesh-and-blood existence. Our bodies dance, they’re inked, they contain prosthetics and implants. Our bodies are gendered, though not always correlative with how we perceive ourselves. Some of us use our bodies for violence, others sacrifice our bodies for others. Through sickness and health, as subjects and objects, our bodies are both Self and Other. They are mortal, their days numbered. We do with them what we can and what we will.

***US writers must consult our guidelines before sending work. Writers outside the US, contact for more information.***


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