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New to our audio vault:
Robert Coover, Stephen O’Connor, and Elizabeth Gaffney read
from their work in our current issue

Coming next week to our online magazine:
Five poems by Christopher Janigian


We will accept submissions for our Spring 2017 issue Conjunctions:68, Inside Out: Architectures of Experience through roughly February 1.

The issue will comprise a narrative map of writings that investigate the vast range of architectures crucial to our being: stories, poems, and essays that center around a meaningful, pivotal architectural structure or space.

Architectures may range from mansions, shanties, trailers, and high-rise flats to cliff dwellings, hotels and motels, hospitals and retirement communities, dorms, train stations, tents, deer stands, pillow forts, dollhouses, dioramas, scale models, beehives, birds’ nests, anthills, caves, film sets, cages, monasteries, sewer tunnels, and more.

Writers located outside the US may email submissions to and must include their full current address.

All US submissions must be sent via regular USPS mail to:
   Attn: Bradford Morrow
   21 E 10th St #3E
   New York NY 10003

If you wish to receive a response, you must include a self-addressed envelope stamped with enough postage for our reply (and for return of your work, should you request that). We cannot consider work that has been previously published in any context or that is currently under review elsewhere. Additional submissions guidelines are here.


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