Conjunctions:48 Faces of Desire

Three Poems

Everything inside of everything else
fox and sparrow
crocus and plumage
you make hibiscus
who is also rose of Sharon
though you are nothing compared to chrysanthemum
who travels 5,000 miles and then some
“For you”
“I have never felt so alive”


Softer More Radiant Signal

Tell me more about
crayons, contingency
and winter fruit
polyamorous structural
we know aren’t always the best
for human hands anyway
Tell me she is all worn out
from work
and thinking
the ghostly opposite
or optimistic messenger
a perpetual shoe shine
or softer
more brilliant
I embrace
wherein love lies
like a human anatomy lesson
More palpable and more
Tell me we need
more rigor
more strings,
more collapsed lungs,
crooked teeth, broken
capillaries, tell me we need more
of what happens to bodies when bodies decide
to say what they want more of
More love in the vernacular
for example
More words like
longing, appetite, hunger
more bodies to willfully embrace
in summer kitchens
Tell me you want more sublimation
of history
by palpable whim
and fancy
More French in brunette
more four inside five
more singular features to render
clean of muscle, more
More of that feeling
that accompanies an unsettled
state of being
More of the condition of being
naturally disposed to several
different feelings
and tell me more about these words
turbulent, euphoria, indiscreet


There Is Manifest Among Us a Desire

If such a thought were in me
to provide movement at the level of writing

I would ride this train all over California
I would

and I would hum
I would sleep in both

Juliana Leslie is the author of Pie in the Sky (Braincase Press) and Questions for Trees (Minus House).