Online Exclusive

From Having and Space
       Only so many times you can rotate, opt out of whippoorwill.
Arrange the shore, ça colle. 

           There’s a cost to putting a face on it. 
With traitor frozen, we have every chance. 

           People use their forms to swing. 
At some point I want to see some skin. 

           Gello’s skins. 
Pyotr never repeats himself. 

           Problematic because he’s in charge of the waterslides. 
Is there a root in there somewhere? 


           The hedges are coming! 
You wish you were implicated. 

           All this hiccup, and nowhere to go. 
How can they remember all the shapes they’ve been associated with? 

           Teaching has forced me to be utter, clear to the massing. 


           Hums have needs. 
But I can’t get over the rate. 

           Ю Ю Ю. 
Many leaders wish they hadn’t said yes to Otto. 

           Our empire leads with guinguette all in white. 
Okay, parchment, let me down. 

           How would it be difficult to find someone who knows the law about horses in cities? 
This is a classroom. Not a marsh. 


           I missed Crystal’s transition
Out of ticking synthesis. 

           One rosy breast advantage: 
You can pick and choose your silences. 


           Dear Lord-ish [Gaspard], you’re shooting it all in mauve. 
Your shriek has ceased to bother our elastic hearts. 

           The truth is: Dragonflies love baking. 
Was often summer, pond just so, sound, not reflecting hands, 

           Singing throughout the eighties. 
I’m getting that same vibe. 

           You can’t argue with meadow. 
As we reenter her yawn of a temple let us remove our masks. 

           100% faithful: RESEARCH COMPONENT


           Don’t let flooding get to you. 
I know I said that, but have you taken a look at the sky lately? 

           I have heard the end of it. 
You should hear yourself. 

           When I want to make that happen [enlarge my lips], 
I usually roll around in jalapeños. 

           I don’t think that honey can go bad. 
I do take milk, and have it embody gray area. 

           One situates oneself as crest, another aye aye aye aye. 
“I thought my gift was bad …” 


           In order to keep the job, Gaspard must constantly shift timbre. 
How dare he inherit the franchise delusional milkshake. 

           Gaspard knows the look Crystal’s going for but she’s left out too many spectra. 
How can her r be silent? 

           Helmut recounts mammalian charm. 
Just the thing to ease us back into the skin we tested only yesterday. 

           One of the reasons we left Vega was to have more time to develop puppy eyes. 
Loneliness is a lens, historic glaze. 

           I waded in more xanthan than I could process et cetera. 
I wish I could see what he [Helmut] is seeing. 

           I would break in too, 
If it meant I could go a day without branching out. 


           For many days I took voice lessons. 
Hard to imagine where I abandoned my code. 

           My dear brother and sister, I often use our sounds
As collateral for pinna we hinted we’d invent for Papa. 

           I’ve been tossed in enough pits. 
Squeeze if you heard. 

           I could boil it down. 
But it wouldn’t hide light the same way. 

           In matters of deep sea aliment
Cradle the fraud we didn’t even have a chance to vote for, 

           Rework the eyes, and try miming next week. 
If we didn’t want your eel, we wouldn’t have signaled with our percentages. 

           Imagine doing this again without feelers.  

Thibault Raoult is an assistant editor at The Georgia Review and the author of Person Hour (BlazeVOX) and Disposable Epics (Caketrain). He lives in Athens, Georgia, where he also edits RealPoetik and performs as Historic Sunsets.