Online Exclusive

Five Lyrics

The codes reawake
a lesser, nightly repeat

the songs inside the belly
the songs inside the cow

cried lights &
their culling, their nothing

is shy, has horns,
calls you sloopy

eats the wayward
lozenge, leans back.



The Strength

In the renting & in
something lengthy
a loosening, a lack’s lattice
round—this beam abbreviate oppposite–sized carnal loam—

it is its sever

triad is not so low as to shove a gone stop

& then the solve curses
& thin the corpse ago

—dawn runs it, dawn, that is.

the rising’s recourse.



Breathing Machine

Day elates the 
dissonant daters, & I did too,
deemed waste, the waters
of my spates poorly taint
the grieving leans—

open air, open all, in
governed plots the writhing
gentle staid, unkindly spliced
amidst the yanks the yells portrayed

what amiable mistlike council, debt
to my eyes (yes) she still, years amidst, a trauma
of beauty torn from the molten web
of games. like all that copied comes
I care again or claim


10:49 PM

light of surface & light
of morrows, we told it like we should, lit
clock in the hot blue-cotton hoot, nearly
yielding, on the table’s plastic
tone, &, being creation, a total
crosswise outsider, loved, the five euphoric
town’s natural pretext etiquette the dancing
conscious moon



is in a little lake it’s
not a bit likeable & 

whilst tony in its
not so tubular manner

this lists its terriblicitie

dirt-bat lookers & 
their pilgims, told.