Online Exclusive

Two Poems
OF HENCEFORTH (instrumental version)

When next pantheonic,
                                 the Pantheon thereafter
shall have been said to be the common source.

When next pantheonic,
                                then the Pantheon has read itself
on the fast track to having had necessity.

When next pantheonic,
                                then it obtains that there
shall have been the self-same entity.

When next pantheonic,
                                (it obtains that) the closer
pantheonic entity may be a source.

When next pantheonic,
                                the close worlds are
pantheonic metrical unit.

When next pantheonic,
                                it obtains that
the close the close the cause the

When next pantheonic
                                obliges that causality—
that serrated one.

When next pantheonic,
                             that closely related 
respite, then … 

When next pantheonic descent
                             and so on becoming possible,
it holds that coin.

When next more likely pantheonic backward-looking aspect,
                             it obtains that coin.

When next pantheonic,
shall be in valise.

When next pantheonic,
                               chamfered net effect also.

When next pantheonic,
                               it, attaining to affiliated last
best property, finds antecedents in such and such. 

                               —Guy MOQUET

Since, when pantheonic,
                               a concordance
of marks to future anthems.

Since when pantheonic themes
                               in a semi-future temporal system
with one closer, it is the case that there be at least one close.

Since, when pantheonic, and subsequent,
                               it obtains that pantheonic
or one closer possible past seat for one.

Since where pantheonic,
                               then there be a seat.
Put the cursor there. 


Since, when pantheonic may not be a fast integer,
                              it obtains that Q,
marked as stipulated.

Since, when marked as stipulated refers to one
closest possible past which may be first but need not be,
                            it obtains that … 

When next pantheonic attire in pantheonic stipulation
more elastic than miserable,
                            then possibly
                            “Misery Nourishes Extremism” 
                            Liberation, May 18, 2005

up to and including extremism, inelastic.

When next pantheonic, it is argued more miserably
                             VOUS QUI since.

When next pantheonic,
                              attaining to rest
may have been at rest long since.

When next pantheonic,
                              attaining to rest
may have had a long process (whether or not first).

                              It puts that down,
and that distributes. Let us assume distributive

bridges (when next pantheonic)
                              hold that a dome
distributes in principle.

When next pantheonic,
                              it holds that a dome
not be discredited.

                              It holds that
the next digit may be a place holder.
                              It holds that there may be a digit
or a fast.

When last since violins,
                              it holds that salient facts be ours.

When next selecting a violin …,

when next severing a violin from the violinist …,

when last since violins attaining to salience,
                              there may be a digit. Tacitly sentences.

When last since violins’ silently flickering
                              Please do not lean the window

When last since violins—
                              Please Close The Window.

                              Pragmatic Opera:
                              WINDOW CLOSE PLEASE THE

                              And a method
when next pantheonic. 


The Observer is Now

Pull Tape
          Tacitly Sentences. (Tacitly sentences at them.)
“As though the present were the first moment.”

          Sentence disinterred. The way of all sentences.
“Although as a future sparely linear.”

Do Not Bend.
          Handwriting. Handwriting unbound,
“supposing that there be only one future copy.”

Deposit Here.
          For instance, Yes. The word Yes,
“only one future, perhaps truncated at one or both ends.”

To Open, Cut.
          French sentences. French in the style of American sentences,
“then all eight versions of the future.”

          A system of sentences, other sentences
“such that the future be non-empty.”

Press Down and Twist.
          Supposing a description which exhausts possible
“future sunsets.”

Knock Hard.
          Sentences to have, sentences to have and to hold.
“That non-sunset continues.”

To Open, Tear Along the Perforations.
          Isotherms authored, isotherms elaborate
          sentences set against a sentence capable of the word
          beauty, the beautiful word,
“on the previous night.”

If Undelivered, Please Return To:
          Isotherms encounter beauty at the site of inaction.
          Isotherms, beauty—deadlocked
“and formulating an increasingly turgid present.”

          Delineating blue from green in the sentence, delineating blue from green is only
          roughly fixed. The subset has only roughly fixed
“this instant.”

Seal Flap.
          Blue is occurring. Bluing is a whitener
“and may be read as hitherto.”

For more information, please …
          Blues is a post-war phenomenon, a post-war urban leaflet
“that will next be.”

          Gentian in a sentence, a sentence on cultivating nature
“that will next be that before it will be that.”

This Side Up.
          Comparative sentences arise to share the properties, all properties
“that will be monotony, monotony everlasting.”

Merge Traffic.
          Phrases, phases, phrase, phased, fazed 
“onto a single tomorrow.”

For Further Details, Please
          Write a sentence, write to show that sentences may possibly be stretched out
“throughout some interval.”

Line Forms Here
          “O pen” written by the very translator from the French
“since or until sometime since.”

Take One
          “O pen” in sepia tailing off may well have been written
          by you, reader of rare capacity
“indicative of a semi-past.”

Start Here
          “O pen” becomes nothing, a nothing of writing 
          and of reading that the ink frequents, providing us with a sentence
“until when next we refer.”

Ask at Desk
          … that “O pen” is a signature of one who would have his epithet “in movement” …
          dicts from the reader who would draw.
“A futurity says good-bye.”

Keep Left
          “O Pen” of information abundantly lettered safeguards the mimetic
“collated pasts.”

Please Return the Item(s)
          Neatly braced and another said would transfer words into proof.
“Marginalia endureth.”

Convert Text
          Enter a park from an elevated walk stretching from lattice to lattice where
          language seems.
“Tomorrow in perpetuity, we remember you.”

Marjorie Welish’s recent books of poetry include In the Futurity Lounge / Asylum for Indeterminacy and So What So That (both Coffee House).