Online Exclusive

Two Poems
Common Day

Our failure in the waves
What is left of wind scuffling through wind
All meaning no content
A crust blossomed off by looking

Like human faces lapsing
Into the smooth body of the world

If they looked at it
The wind scuffling through the wind
Shaking hands on the shore of the sea
They cuffed the ragged waves

That decay into their growth
And they said in their houses
Nothing speaks against this
You hitherto bend forward

Then is the sea what is not
 the extravisual cresting
The mind at this point without
The goal of ending itself

The glacial sheets
Only indirectly by being
Rather than the anticipation
Insisting Experiences

Pyramid Song

everyone is going to sleep sapless foliage of the ocean
this is one way of saying goodbye all together
humans covered in water standing

in cinnabar on video saying yes constituting the image 
of our army
a boy watching screaming into a fan

as we return to the sea let it be without hands
though it lave the gate 
called praise

and a green violet-ear bent
still over the water 
more and more you have the feeling

it happens people stop halfway
and go back 
rain directed under the face

then again but with more looking
behind the wind blooming 
to their advantage

and the gray sheening across your hands
and voice
when you help another even

pulling the blanket
over that is a help
and when I cover you another city 

Eric Linsker coedits The Claudius App with Jeff Nagy.