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I know the letters this way
The way I talk is a result of the way I hear her I was told but it took how long to show up in cursive. The small shapes I see when I close my eyes. That the waves are getting larger is one sign she is awake. I was born and then I learned to swim and then I learned how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet. I see her through them. 

Do you want me to keep on writing was the first thing I ever said or do you want me to stop. The man told me I would see him every other day and I did see he was a different man. I believed him to be otherwise. But since I knew the small shapes would not go away until I learned how to read I decided to talk to him anyway. There was a man whose name was a buckle and there was Mrs. Hand and Miss Toy. They were born when they learned how to swim.

To me it is like I am walking to a microphone. I do not know what I am like. Is it her I am talking to really. I am talking to someone I call by her name. I learned to swim so Miss Toy would not know how to pronounce me is also how I learned to read. Over there senses something in my hand. How do I know there is going to be an accident. Raft and mallet are here so I can no longer speak with my hands. I would like to be called elsewhere. 

When I chose where I was I was under her name. She herded my water to hers. I was missing said the woman who was missing. She said I got accident voice it is so obvious you are having a speaking accident and what would I like to call him. I learned to read with my hands by accident. We were letting them sleep she said. They say they let him say it the way I said it. With a name like that you are going to have accidents.

The microphone is waiting for someone I know I know. I know there is going to be an accident with my name. Buckle man says ding someone I know just learned how to read. It isn’t enough for me to remember him now or something else she is like. I hear her hands are called raft and mallet. They say ding. Or what it gloves.

It is so obvious I do not know what swimming means. Swimming obviously opens up something next to it. She feels so elsewhere and is. I saw a blank. Then waves. The way they alternate is leaving us again. It’s a small ding. A letter I am thinking. They’re gone. It’s simple. We swim. 

Is how the waves sound the story of my hearing. They say they cannot decide. We let them take the small shapes away and put them over there. She said this over my eyes. I cannot remember anything before the microphone was written in cursive. And what is over there. 

Do you want to hear my other sound is her shortest song. Have you seen this ring before. Buckle man says a toy hand is smaller than a full-sized finger. A tone beside another. They think they have seen my name before. It was here. It was here. We heard it. It was here before they started swimming. Look. We have similar streams. 

Miss Toy does not know the way I say sing is really the first part of pronouncing me. The letters talk to her differently. When she was here I was elsewhere. A covered microphone. The result of the woman beside me. Her hands told me she was blank. They say they were born in cursive. Waves learning how to swim.