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Paper Head Last Lyrics

“Show me the meaning of the Word
Cause I’ve heard so much about it
It’s said you can’t live without it”

—Chrissie Hynde

They are said to be in the book,
           but there is no book.

One might paint the entire world, and
                in any manner one wished.
             It is almost as if one might write
                 the entire world, too.
     What do you want, strange man?

            from where all arts and all stories came

            between grey lines on a gray page

                       Viva las revoluciones!

                Now the zone that files you somewhere
                         every diet pill you took

                They are sad to be
                                  but there is
        One might point to and tire of
                             The man was whisked away
                        almost as if retreating from

                         here all art and all memory

                every direct take you took
                            spine scrunched in mattress

        Money on the sacred wheel of fortune.

                tyranny as being the man of pen


        There are questions from the radar.

                to convey, translate, transfer
               colonize the writer’s fairness

        On behalf of the search committee
            good fortune in your career

        to use the gun to kill the Imperialism

        filtered somewhere and dictated towards

                  (which is a human being)

        A young man’s five minute walk

        A gentle piece of reaching.
        The gentle takes their reasons.

        a gentle piece of machinery


               A sense of entitlement

           if you always check the red
                            and white service

               Anytime. Anywhere.


               tenth pouch of hell

           A friend in the market is better than

             your mind is filled by new ideas
    Human selfishness and self-centeredness

             light stuff like eggs and potato salad
The menu was covered with liver and tongue

                          please join us to … 
        against that tyranny as being the man

                  Wishes really do come true

            innumerable phenomena enter

          There are questions from the reader
                 filled in with new ideas

              popcorn Levinas

                     was devoted to his work

              tenth punch of the bell

         One two three four five six rolls of
        your madness momentarily slipped away

        Which was extraordinarily unwieldly


            A friend in the target is better
                   than chalk

              your mind is somewhere else

                      minds are mingling and tingling

            Swollen twice its
                            norm al
                            to be in the book

                           Last Songs

                    Adonoi Elohaynu
                     in english
                      in real-estate

                There is also a lawnmower

                retired with dignity, actually
                 beside the pickup truck

                   your mind is chilled


    More than a custodian having a lucid moment
                         you held up
                    the stagecoach in the rain

        to be an honest narrator by refraining

                  Dress for the tableau in pure and delicate

        No, I think I can get a job.
                transform passersby into shadows

                     no bad side effects

             follo wing my return from Mexico

             like any genetically altered human

       In fact, there is no window either,
                                    but only shape.

                 a gentle piece of memory


                    both worked themselves to death at an early

                         Do you lick the paper?
                      Did you once upon a time lick? 

                              Now is wandering
                                             man’s wife
                                a poet and colleague of mine


                      What day is the day of return? 

             the very reality of the society’s one-sided judge-
                                               mental approach

               A beggar is considered a stigma
                                          on the face

                to be born helpless or was later
                                      robbed of his equal

             the loyal group turned against the master
                  dictated towards decisions

           New ways to improve the techniques of writing

                         a small window not far from the restrooms

                                raw populism (like raw onion)
                                 a refuse in adversity

                 Now I see what kind of danger you give up

           “Well,” she said after exhaling, “something else.”


               When the moon is in the seventh house
                                and Jupiter aligned with Mars

             This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
                            On the laundromat radio

                     “But tonight is different,” she pushed on.

                    Who socked Madonna?

           the three- dimensional arrangement
                    of emotion in langauge

                            A traffic island

          I know when you are not being honest with

                                  nice typo

       Black and orange on a buff background.

                listening to St. John’s wort
     “we will not be defined by our temperature”

                               camera ready?

      No, I think I can transform passersby into
                                                   psychological processes

             Once man’s aspirations bed money

                        disappear completely
                                    perish time


                peace will guide the planets

            No one has been able to prove it.

                  No one has
                   been able
                 to prove it.

            A little piece of machinery

                    Raw populace like rare bunion or rough pumice?

            In moving slow he has no peer.

                he says he’s a space alien
                    alright, that’s enough, no more

                    Henry Kissinger is one evil
                                       son of a bitch.

            No one can understand what I’m talking about.

                           “slime nose & green lip”

                    Henry Kissinger is an evil