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Two Episodes from God May Be All Around

Episode One

VENUSsitting in her broken-down bedroom and trimming her last nails: 
When one rapscallion didn’t come on to me, 
I felt the years come onto me.
He was mustachioed and graceful
and, as a dream is, he was tall.
There was some kind of weather happening,
monsoon, sirocco, or mistral.
          A dead gentleman runs in.
I think I have become eroded,
I was as beautiful as a rodent,
but now I feel outmoded.
Yes, I was beauty itself but now
my belly has distended down,
my belly button rubs the hairy zone.
How noisome my carcass has become.
Bristle disfigures it, and pimples.
I sniff the air with my nostrils.
It’s horrible to be alone.
A dead gentleman runs in. 
Now my thoughts’ quorum            
increasingly tends towards decorum.                        
Why should a couple of lepers have
their clothes off when carousing,
love each other on trunks, on trunks,
men and women in trousers.                                    
Lordie, something will happen, something will happen.
A dead gentleman runs in. 
I’ll take a beeswax candle
and run teach at the river, where
dark is the sole sail
and fire plays among the hair.
            A dead gentleman runs in.

Save me Venus,
this is the other world.           

What are you saying dear soul?

Hope, Sophia, Charity, and Faith
once gave me advice.

Why do you need advice. Here’s a breast.            
Lie down. Rest.

Sneeze Venus.

Venus sneezes.

So this isn’t the other world.

Let’s, let’s lie down on the mattress,                                    
and be each other’s heart’s witness.

But I am headless.            
I might look like a Cossack
but my tongue’s missing.

Oh what a mess,            
And that other thing you also lack,                                    
I suppose.           

Do you mind if we don’t talk about it. It bothers me. Impotent-shimpotent. Who cares. That’s not why I died, to have to do everything all over again.           

Okay, okay, go to sleep.

But what will happen when I awaken?

Nothing will happen. Everything will stay the same.

But will I at least see the other world?

Go to hell.

Fomine sleeps. VENUS washes and sings:

I love boys
that have eleven fingertoys
and I don’t want to die.

And so I’m gonna live like a beast. Watch me moo.           

The goddess Venus moos
but God in heaven is mute.
He does not hear her lowing.
Silence stays everywhere unflowing.

FOMINEwaking up: 
What is this, a cowshed or something. I better get out of here.

                        Lower the gangplank, hey you on board!
                        I’m going to look for the ways of the Lord.

I wish somebody’d pull down your knickers and snip off what you ain’t got. Run along, run along.

A dead gentleman runs in.

Episode Two

Please please,
come in.
I snow sit crumble.                                    
My uncle, my progenitor
left to see the pencil.

Can it be. You are alone. You are heaven.           

As you can see I’m here alone
graceful on the table like halva,            
I love you all the way down,            
get a revolver.           

You approve of me. That is superlative. Here is how happy I am.

Sergey, Ivan and Mitya and Vladislav,            
embrace me tighter in coils of love.            
I don’t know why I’m afraid, I’m elegant,
but everything around me is so terrible,
kiss my cheeks.

Rather your slipper. Rather your slipper. I do not deserve any better. Idol. Goddess. Goddess. Idol.

You joshin’ me, am I so godly. I got a nose like a doorbell and my eyes are slits. I’m jus’ a regular fool.

Oh please, for a man in love like myself everything seems better than it actually is.

To me your splendid panties have the looks
of wings,
whereas your speeches are like the books
of the best-selling novelist Anatole France.
I am in love with you.

My golden Fomine. My watering can.

Fomine kisses and takes her. She yields to him of course. It is possible that one more person comes into being.

Oops I think we just made a wee mess.

Only dogs and cats can make a wee mess. But we’re people.

I would like to have a go at it again. 

So what. How I love you. I’m kind of bored.

My angel. My paladin. You are departing. When are we gonna see each other.

I’ll be back some time.

Weeping, they embraced.

Fomine went outside, and Sophia Mikhailovna came up to the window to watch him. Fomine went out into the street and began to make water. Sophia Mikhailovna blushed at the sight and said happily, Just like a birdie, just like a baby.