Online Exclusive

From Electric Light Parade

There was a bulging site.

There was head turned slightly.

There was a hockey-stick incision.

There was a cone needle.

There were 7,800 cells.

There was tunneled up and passed under.

There was a burr hole.

There were silk sutures.

There were three years and twenty-three days.

There were toes 2 & 3.

There was a reservoir and upper exposure.

There was a new decade with blurring. 

Karen Lepri holds an MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University. Her poems, translations, and reviews have appeared in Boston Review, Chicago Review, Lana Turner, Mandorla, and Shearsman, among others. She is the author of the chapbook Fig. I (Horse Less Press) and received the 2012 Noemi Poetry Prize for her first full-length collection of poetry, Incidents of Scattering.