Eugene Ivanov, detail from Settlement North, oil on canvas, 60 x 80 cm., 2012. © Eugene Ivanov 2017; all rights reserved by the artist. Explore Ivanov’s work at
Inside Out: Architectures of Experience

Spring 2017

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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Conjunctions:68, Inside Out: Architectures of Experience comprises a narrative map of writings that investigate the vast range of architectures crucial to our being: stories, poems, and essays that center around a meaningful, pivotal architectural structure or space.

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Joanna Scott, The Limestone Book

Andrew Mossin, The Kite Room

Claude Simon, Archipelago and North, with an introduction by translator Louis Cancelmi

Cole Swensen, Quartet

Robert Clark, Father and Son

Kathryn Davis, The Botanist’s House

Elizabeth Robinson, Five Provence Poems

Gabriel Blackwell, Leson

Monica Datta, In Distrait

Robert Kelly, Two Poems

Mary South, Architecture for Monsters

Brandon Hobson, Terlingua

Lance Olsen, Blue: a chair is a very difficult object

Susan Daitch, The Weekend Salvage Unit

Ryan Call, No Mothers, Only Ghosts

Nathaniel Mackey, Song of the Andoumboulou: 181

Ann Lauterbach, Nave

Can Xue, Euphoria, translated by Karen Gernant and Chen Zeping

Matt Reeck, A Brief History of the Colonial Map in India—or, the Map as Architecture of Mind

Lisa Horiuchi, A Tiny Haunting

Elaine Equi, Perfume Dioramas

Robert Coover, The Wall

G. C. Waldrep, Cleeve Abbey Suite

Joyce Carol Oates, Fractal

Lawrence Lenhart, My Wilmerding: Wheelhouse or Runaway

Mark Irwin, Six Poems

Justin Noga, How It’s Gone and Done

Karen Hays, Reconciliation Story

John Madera, The House That Jack Built

Karen Heuler, Here and There

Frederic Tuten, The Café, the Sea, Deauville, 1966