Carolyn Guinzio, Gaps in Knowledge, 2014. Digital photographic collage. © Carolyn Guinzio 2015; all rights reserved by the artist.
Natural Causes

Spring 2015

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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In Natural Causes, a provocative collection of radical reinventions of the genre of nature writing, we encounter shrimp farms and spoonbills, maize husks and Austrian woods, tarantulas and eels, multitudinous winds that pollinate or desiccate—nature in all its myriad forms, right down to photons, neutrons, neutrinos, and, yes, even Godzilla, the Sasquatch, and other of nature’s fictive and folkloric monsters.

Online-exclusive supplement to Natural Causes:
Liza Birnbaum, Four Poems

Karen Hays, Frothy Elegance & Loose Concupiscence

Ann Lauterbach, After After Nature [and hear the audio]

Thomas Bernhard, Eight Poems, translated by James Reidel

Russell Banks, Last Days Feeding Frenzy

Lucy Ives, Transformation Day

Martine Bellen, Two Poems

Benjamin Hale, Brother Who Comes Back Before the Next Very Big Winter

Evelyn Hampton, Fishmaker

Margaret Ross, Visiting Nanjing

Michael Ives, And the Bow Shall Be in the Cloud [and hear the audio from readings at the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center and Greenlight Bookstore]

Joyce Carol Oates, Big Burnt

Sequoia Nagamatsu, Return to Monsterland [and watch the author read this on YouTube, with a kaiju video collage]

Christine Hume, Ventifacts

Lily Tuck, The Dead Swan

Greg Hrbek, The Confession of Philippe Delambre

Thalia Field, From Experimental Animals (A Reality Fiction)

Diana George, Wara Wara

Wil Weitzel, Green Eyes of Harar [and hear this reading with music by Jon Starr]

Meredith Stricker, Anemochore

Jessica Reed, Five Poems

Miranda Mellis, The Face Says Do Not Kill Me

Matthew Pitt, After the Jump

Noy Holland, Fire Feather Mendicant Broom

Sarah Mangold, From Her Wilderness Will Be Her Manners

Matthew Baker, Proof of the Monsters

China Miéville, Listen the Birds (A Trailer)