Cover art by Edwin Henry Landseer (1802–1873): Isaac van Amburgh and His Animals, 1839, oil on canvas, 44.5" x 68.9".
A Menagerie

Fall 2013

Coedited by Benjamin Hale & Bradford Morrow.

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This issue embraces the domain of beasts through new writing about the nonhuman creatures with whom we share the world.

Russell Banks, A Permanent Member of the Family

Sarah Minor, Handling the Beast

James Morrow, Some Early Exxxperiments in Behavioral Science: A Bird’s-Eye View

Sallie Tisdale, Here Be Monsters

Cole Swensen, Night Walks

Bennett Sims, Fables

Dale Peterson, Where Have All the Animals Gone?

Susan Daitch, Unnatural Habitats

Henri Michaux, Impersonal Affairs, translated by Gillian Conoley

Wil Weitzel, Leviathan

Temple Grandin, An Interview, Conducted by Benjamin Hale

Andrew Mossin, Two Poems

Gwyneth Merner, Wolf Interval

Lynne Tillman, Circumstantial Evidence

Rick Moody, Conversion Testimony

Sandra Meek, Three Poems

Edward Carey, A Semi-Prehensile Lip

Joyce Carol Oates, Happy Chicken 1942–1944: A Memoir

Paul Lisicky, Animal Care and Control [and audio]

Vint Virga, The Snow Leopard’s Realm

Terese Svoboda, Loose Lion

William S. Burroughs, An Interview, Conducted by Bradford Morrow

H. G. Carrillo, Gavage

Kevin Holden, Three Poems

Monica Datta, The Cs

Michael Parrish Lee, Greta and Her Creatures

Martine Bellen, Pond Animals

Emily Anderson, Eyrie

Frederic Tuten, The Snow on Tompkins Square Park

Rebecca Bridge, Four Poems

Janis E. Rodgers, Becoming Human

Dan Rosenberg, Three Poems

Kyoko Mori, Cat and Bird

Adam McOmber, The Re’em

Nora Khan, Cardinal

Craig Eklund, The Taxidermist