Cover art by Chad Wys: Nocturne 93, 2011, c-print, 30" x 24", from the series Nocturnes (Set 1). © Chad Wys; all rights reserved.
In Absentia

Spring 2013

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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Here we explore the presence of absence, the losses that gain on us, the black holes in our everyday lives.

Joyce Carol Oates, Betrayal

Lucy Ives, Orange Roses

Brian Evenson, Torpor

Yannick Murphy, By the Time You Read This

G. C. Waldrep, Six Poems

Robert Olen Butler, AWOL

Miranda Mellis, Up the Hill

Robert Coover, Pach’

Justin Wymer, Six Poems

Ann Lauterbach, Seven Poems

Frederic Tuten, The Tower

Joanna Ruocco, Three Stories

Karen Hays, The Cubes

Stephen O’Connor, Next to Nothing

Marjorie Welish, Prospects Of and At

Can Xue, Venus, trans. by Karen Gernant and Chen Zeping

J. W. McCormack, The Girl with the Prefabricated Heart

Gabriel Blackwell, (    )

Gillian Conoley, Peace Poems

John Madera, Suspension as a Unit of Experience; or, What She Remembered of the Vanishing Lines

Joanna Scott, The Collector’s Beginning

Maxine Chernoff, Five Poems

Matt Bell, In Each Room, Some Unadorned Spectacle

Benjamin Hale, Venus at Her Mirror

Kim Chinquee, Four Stories

Brandon Krieg, The Removes

Julia Elliott, Organisms

Carole Maso, The Silver World

Charles Bernstein, Elfking Suite

Robert Walser, Three Dramolets, trans. by Daniele Pantano and James Reidel