Cover art is a detail from Jesus in the Olive Grove, by the Master Vyšší Brod (the Master of Hohenfurth), c. 1350. Narodni Galerie, Prague, Czech Republic. © Erich Lessing.

Fall 2012

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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A major portfolio of never-before-published correspondence by the legendary novelist William Gaddis. An arcanum of writings on monsters and monstrosities. Stories and nonfiction about the act of reading, edited by postmodernist Robert Coover. As well as fiction, poetry, and nonfiction from our greatest contemporary masters and the most vital of our emerging voices.

William Gaddis, Selected Letters

Edie Meidav, Dogs of Cuba: The Buddha of the Vedado

Keith Waldrop, Always in Arises

Jonathan Lethem, More Little Tales of the Internet

Ngoc Doan, You Are Country Like Me

Nathaniel Mackey, From From a Broken Bottle Traces of Perfume Still Emanate

John Crowley, Glow Little Glowworm

Cole Swensen, Landscapes on a Train

Ted Mathys, Woodland Pattern

Jedediah Berry, Seven Stories [and hear the audio]

On the Monstrous
China Miéville, Theses on Monsters

Peter Straub, Monstrous, Monstrosity, Monster, and the Little Man Next Door

Theodora Goss, Listening to Krao: What the Freak and Monster Tell Us

James Morrow, A Taxonomy of the Teratoid: Self-Aware Monsters, Oblivious Fiends, and Elusive Demons

Robert Kelly, Two Elegies

Rae Armantrout, Five Poems

Aurelie Sheehan, Luxembourg Gardens

Arnaldo Calveyra, Letters So That Happiness, translated by Elizabeth Zuba

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Immortals Having a Party

Michael Reid Busk, The Connoisseur of Pain

Matt Bell, The Migration

Arthur Sze, The Immediacy of Heat

Peter Gizzi, The Afterlife of Paper

The Alphabet and Its Pretenses, edited by Robert Coover and Bradford Morrow
Lance Olsen, Table of Contents

Shelley Jackson, The Pearls That Were His Eyes

Sarah Tourjee, The Library

Brian Evenson, Literature and the Right Not to Die

Lydia Davis, Reversible Story

Thalia Field and Abigail Lang, Janus at a Chinese Restaurant in Paris

Robert Coover, The Reader

Alexandra Kleeman, Hylomorphosis

Evelyn Hampton, Every Day, an Epic

Rosmarie Waldrop, Otherwise Smooth

William H. Gass, Romancing the Mind