Cover art is Lowtide, from the “Sentinels” series of the Architect’s Brother collection by Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison. Image © 2003 Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison; all rights reserved by the artists.
Riveted: The Obsession Issue

Spring 2012

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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Mesmerists and hoarders. Conspiracy theorists and martyrs. Fetishists and addicts. Saints and sinners. Riveted explores the idea of obsession, the world of fixation, the idée fixe.

Fiona Maazel, Clear Over Target, the Whole Town in Flames

Jonathan Carroll, The Woman Who Married a Cloud

Martine Bellen, Two Poems

Sigrid Nunez, Philosophers

Christopher Sorrentino, The Cursed

Elizabeth Robinson, On Repetition

Andrew Mossin, I Get Her Up in Daylight

Gabriel Blackwell, The Last Film of Alan Smithee

Michael Sheehan, Proposals for the Recovery of the Apparently Drowned

Sarah Lang, For Tamara

Joyce Carol Oates, The Flatbed

Ryan Ruby, That Obscure Object of Desire

Stephen O’Connor, I Would Never Do These Things

Lyn Hejinian, Children Love Color

Julia Elliott, The End of the World

Robert Fernandez, Eight Poems

Brian Conn, Counting Sheep

Karen Donovan, Parts List Counted in Ogham

Adam Weinstein, Some Remarks on Teeth

Chinelo Okparanta, Story, Story!

Joanna Howard, Foreign Correspondent

Nicholas Grider, Misadventure

Bernadette Esposito, Speck of Light

Ryan Flaherty, Craquelure

Karen Lepri, The Thief

Shena McAuliffe, The Healing Machine

Urs Allemann, Jo’s Murder Game, translated by Patrick Greaney