Cover art: Painting by Stephen Hicks, Catherine & Henry, 2007. Reproduced by permission of the George Billis Gallery, New York.
Urban Arias

Fall 2010

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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The bond between city dwellers and their metropolitan milieus lies at the heart of this issue of Conjunctions, which investigates the very rich gamut of what constitutes one of the oldest experiments in human habitation.

Paul La Farge, The Count of Monte Cristo’s Daughter

Lyn Hejinian, City Under Sun

Stephen O’Connor, ’Til There Was You

Tim Horvath, The City in the Light of Moths

John Ashbery, Four Poems

Susan McCarty, City/Body: Fragments

Norman Manea, Dada Capital of Exiles

C. D. Wright, From Breathtaken (with photographs by Deborah Luster)

Karen Russell, The Graveless Doll of Eric Mutis

Yvan Goll, Paris Burns, translated by Jed Rasula

Greg Hrbek, Destroy All Monsters

Peter Orner, Lincoln

Donna Stonecipher, Model City

Michael Sheehan, The Horror

Etgar Keret, Two Stories, translated by Miriam Shlesinger and Sondra Silverston

Marjorie Welish, Four Poems

John Madera, Some Varieties of Being and Other Non Sequiturs

Matt Bell, For You We Are Holding

Diane Williams, Stop When the Person Becomes Restless or Irritable

Colleen Hollister, In the City

Brian Evenson, The Oxygen Protocol

D. E. Steward, Luglia

Joyce Carol Oates, Roma!

Michael Wesely, The Berlin Project

Emma Smith-Stevens, Switch

David Ohle, A Favor for Big Ernie

Adam Veal, The Edible City

Christopher Hellwig and Michael J. Lee, Three Urban Tales

Philippe Soupault, Westwego, translated by Andrew Zawacki

H. G. Carrillo, Twilight of the Small Havanas

Thomas Bernhard, A Conversation with André Müller, translated by Adam Siegel