Cover art: Docklands, by Duncan Hannah, 1997. Reproduced by kind permission of the artist.
Hybrid Histories

Fall 2009

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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Features a portfolio of fiction, poetry, and drama by some of the most visionary writers at work today, all of whom conjure periods, moments, and people in history through the kaleidoscopic lens of imagination.


Barney Rosset, Remembering Samuel Beckett (Including the Beckett/Rosset Correspondence about Waiting for Godot)

Thomas Bernhard, Ave Virgil (a major poem translated from German by James Reidel, appearing in English for the first time, with a postscript note by Bernhard)

Roberto Bolaño, From Antwerp (translated from Spanish by Natasha Wimmer)


Francine Prose, A Simple Question [and hear the audio]

Paul La Farge, The History of the History of Death [and hear the audio from La Farge’s Mid-Hudson Heritage Center and KGB Bar readings]

Adam McOmber, The Automatic Garden

William H. Gass, Professor Skizzen Gets the Word

Bernard Pomerance, Break on Through to the Other Side: The War Crimes Trial of General Nelson Miles Held by the Dead

Andrew Ervin, The Light of Two Million Stars

Peter Orner, Geraldo

Elizabeth Robinson, Modernist Poems

Gabriel Blackwell, The Little Death

Stephen Marche, La Pu

Peter Gizzi, From The Face of Lincoln

Maureen Howard, Yalta

Mark Edmund Doten, The Lights of Kadhimaya Hospital

Andrew Mossin, Drafts for Shelley

Matt Bell, His Last Great Gift

Elizabeth Rollins, The First Intifada [Jerusalem, 1987–1993]

D. E. Steward, Avrila

Paul West, Tunguska


Cole Swensen, Five Ghost Poems

Nathaniel Mackey, Two Poems

Tim Horvath, The Discipline of Shadows

Martine Bellen, Hard Objects Found in People

Ann Lauterbach, Two Poems

Robert Coover, In Search of the Body

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Two Drafts

Can Xue, Rainscape (translated from Chinese by Karen Gernant and Chen Zeping)