Cover art: Gulliver, by Peter Kettle. Reproduced by kind permission of the artist.
The Death Issue

Fall 2008

Edited by David Shields and Bradford Morrow.

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Writers meditate in fiction, essays, and poetry on the inevitable.

Sallie Tisdale, The Sutra of Maggots and Blow Flies

Lance Olsen, Lessness

Jayne Anne Phillips, Leavitt’s Dream

Eliot Weinberger, Questions of Death [1892]

Kyoko Mori, Between the Forest and the Well: Notes on Death

Jay Cantor, Memorial Church

Lucius Seneca, Sick, translated by John D’Agata

Melissa Pritchard, A Solemn Pleasure

Tom Robbins, The Meaning of Life

Shelley Jackson, Early Dispatches from the Land of the Dead

David Guterson, Five Poems

David Huddle, Wages of Love

Joyce Carol Oates, Dear Husband,

Geoff Dyer, What Will Survive of Us

Mary Jo Bang, Two Poems

Nicholas Delbanco, Mere Oblivion

John Ashbery, Floating Away

Susan Daitch, Morto

Bob Shacochis, From The Woman Who Lost Her Soul

Melanie Rae Thon, In This Light

Christopher Sorrentino, Death in the Age of Digital Proliferation, and Other Considerations

Ted Mathys, Four Poems

Robert Clark, Bayham Street

Doris Betts, Another Modest Proposal

Mark Doty, Bijou

Terese Svoboda, My Brother’s Dust

Mary Gordon, Little Sister

David Ives, St. Francis Preaches to the Birds

Jessica Hagedorn, Toxicology

Ann Lauterbach, After Tourism

Brenda Hillman, Cezanne’s Colors

Thomas Lynch, Shilling Life

Michael Upchurch, The Hanging Jetty

Brian Evenson, The Adjudicator

Michael Logan, The Pressure Points

Joe Wenderoth, To Take Place

Edward Hoagland, Triage Along the Nile

Sarah Manguso, The Task of Memory

Peter Mountford, A Room on the Eighth Floor

C. D. Wright, Some Old Words Were Spoken

Jim Harrison, Three Poems in Search of Small Gods

H. G. Carrillo, Andalucía